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My current favourite colour

My current favourite colour

My current favourite colour

This deep green is my current favourite colour, so I decided to make a black and green crochet sweater. It will have alternate green and black panels and the arms will be the same colour. I am using a crossed double crochet stitch throughout and a 4.5mm hook, so it is a very easy pattern.

The bottom edge of the sweater will have a 5 inch edge. It should be ready soon, so there is plenty of time to wear it. I already have dark green pants to go with it, so I am very excited with this project.

The weather is still cold (ish) and they are saying we can expect another cold blast from the east. I aim to finish this soon and wear it ASAP!.

Happy Crocheting!

Crochet is my happy place. My therapy involves a hook and yarn. 🧶Warning: May contain excessive yarn hoarding.

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