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Autumn Dress or Tunic

Autumn Dress or Tunic

Autumn Dress or Tunic

Autumn has arrived. The days are getting shorter and it has been raining on and off. The leaves have turned golden and are already falling off the trees. The end of the harvest season is almost there with Halloween and Samhain around the corner, signalling the arrival of the darker half of the year and winter. In addition to the solstices and equinoxes that occur during the year, northern European Celtic/Gaelic people also marked the year with four other quarterly fire festivals. Samhain (pronounced: sew in) is one of them, taking place mid-way between the September equinox and the December solstice. Across the globe in the northern hemisphere, people celebrated (and still celebrate) end of harvest in their own way. For the southern hemisphere, spring has arrived bringing its own celebrations and November 1 will be the beginning of summer.

I thought I needed a long project to work on in the evenings, as the days get darker earlier, so I am making a dress/tunic. I bought this lovely yarn in bulk, so I have plenty to make a dress of any length I want. I am using a number of stitches and the end result will be a tilted tunic that I got from ineedcrochet.com.

I am looking forward to wearing this on a night out this winter!



I started crocheting in 2019 and it came in very handy during lockdown for the Covid pandemic. Now I am quite hooked and totally love it.

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