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Elf Coat

I have finally finished the Elf Coat! It took longer than expected but I finished it eventually. I made it in extra large but since the yarn was not exactly as the one in the original pattern there are slight differences. However, it is overall almost the same. The pattern is from Morale Fibre, who has created an excellent resource to make the Elf Coat.

This is a great coat for those cold winter evenings. I still feel that this one that I have made is not perfect but it will get better with practice. The pattern calls for Tunisian Knit Stitch, so it is very easy to make. You can also use regular single crochet to make this one. I really love this coat, especially the back corset and the elf hoody and I intend to wear it a lot this winter.

I would highly recommend blocking it because this is a heavy coat and the yarn does tend to sag. Blocking it will make it stiffer and more neat. I hope some of you try this out, I highly recommend this as a winter project. After all, there is plenty of time!

Happy Crocheting!




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Elf coat in pastel shades


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