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Pattern for Table Runner

1.6mm crochet hook and any fine cotton thread. I used the pattern by Chinki’z Knitting Knife Crochet Paradise on YouTube.

Crochet abbreviations

Ch 8

sl st into first stitch to make a ring

Round 1: ch3. 24DC into the ring (total 25). sl st into 3rd chain.

Round 2: ch8. YO 3 times and work QC into first st. ch2 and QC into next st – continue for 24 st. After last QC ch1 and sl st into 6th ch.

Round 3: ch1. sl st into first chain space. ch5, SC into next ch sp – continue throughout the round and sl st into first ch.

Round4: 2 sl st into first two chains. ch5, SC into ch5 space – continue throughout and sl st into first ch.

Round5: sl st into first two ch. ch4, work 4 incomplete TC into same ch sp till you have 4 loops on the hook, draw through all 4 loops to make a TC cluster. ch1. Ch5, SC into next ch sp. ch5, TC4 cluster in next ch sp. repeat.  Join on top of first cluster with sl st. Total 12 clusters. (for TC YO twice and then pull through 2 and then pull through 2 again).

Round6: ch10. SC into top of next cluster. Repeat and finish with sl st into first cluster.

Round7: ch4. 2DC into middle ch of previous ch sp, ch3, 2DC into same ch sp.ch4, SC into SC of previous row. ch4, 2DC, 3ch, 2DC into middle ch of next ch sp. Repeat till end. Join with sl st.

Beige doily using cotton crochet thread

To join motifs make another one till Round6.

For Round7 of second motif ch4, 2DC into middle ch of previous ch sp.

Ch1, remove hook, insert into ch sp of motif 1, insert hook into loop of motif 2 and pull it through motif 1 ch sp. Ch1 and then work remaining 2DC of motif 2.

Ch4, SC into top of cluster of motif 2.

Ch4, 2DC into middle ch of next ch sp. Ch1, remove hook, insert hook into next ch sp of motif 1, then into loop of motif 2. Pull loop of motif 2 through motif 1 ch sp, SC. Complet by working remining 2DC into same ch sp of motif 2. Work rest of round as was done for motif 1.

Repeat till you get the length you need. Make as many lengths as you need and join them by joining every two shells of new motifs with adjoining shells of previous motifs (for some this will be on all sides depending on where the motif is being attached). Add more lengths to increase the width. I left spaces in the middle but you can insert motifs there to to make a fuller table cloth.

Let me know how it went.


Happy Crocheting!




July 29, 2021