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I’m making a new dress

In my last blog post I shared that I was making a new dress for the winter but I changed my mind about the pattern I was using. I did not think it worked well for me, so I have decided to create a completely new one. I am using a number of patterns and will bring all of this together.

This little sample in the image is the beginning of the bodice. I am using the trinity stitch for this. This stitch is very simple. After crocheting your chaing (of any desired length but it should be odd numbered), you chain one and single crochet into each chain. That’s your first row, For your second row, you chain one and then single crochet in the second stitch from the hook. Now comes the trinity stitch. You insert your hook in the same chain, yarn over and pull up a loop. But do not finish the stitch, instead insert the hook into the next chain, yarn over and pull up a loop. Now you have three loops on your hook. Once again insert into next chain, yarn over and pull up a loop. And now you have four loops on you hook. Now you finish off the stitch. Yarn over and pull through all four loops. That’s your trinity stitch. Complete you row 2. For row 3 you single crochet across again and then for row 4 again it’s the trinity stitch across. That’s how you keep going.

Autumn here is really wet, although it’s not very cold yet, so this is a good project for the dark evenings. Once I have done the bodice I will think about a different pattern for the skirt. Will keep you posted!



November 17, 2021