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Little Black Dress and Classical Music

Little Black Dress and Classical Music

Little Black Dress and Classical Music

Well I have just finished a crochet little black dress and I am very pleased with it. I will put up the photos of that and other finished projects soon. Now that lockdown has eased in the UK, I am looking forward to catching some good shows and the first one I am going to is a classical concert. I was given the tickets as a birthday present and I am really looking forward to it.

My music tastes are a bit eclectic – I like heavy metal, classical music and opera. While I liked classical music before as well, I never really got into it until the last couple of years. Opera had not been my thing before but now I am quite hooked (a bit like my journey with crochet). So, the first outing is a classical music concert. Then I am going to start with the opera. I did see a couple of operas (La Boheme and La Traviata) during the lockdown when th Royal Philharmonic screened their performances on YouTube. I quiet enjoyed them.

Back to the dress, like I said I am very pleased with it but now it’s that time again when I have to start thinking about what to make next.

Cheers all,

Happy Crocheting!


I started crocheting in 2019 and it came in very handy during lockdown for the Covid pandemic. Now I am quite hooked and totally love it.

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